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Siteia, Lasithi - Crete, Greece

25 August, 2020

Siteia, Lasithi - Crete, Greece

Siteia is a coastal town on the east of Crete in Lasithi county. It is located on the north eastern part of the county, 70 km east of Agios Nikolaos and 130 km from Heraklion (port center and airport in Crete), while it is the base of the homonymous municipality. It is the homeland of the poet “Erotokritos” Vitsentsos Kornaros.

In the town of Siteia, someone can visit its museums which bring the past to life such as the archeological museum, the folklore museum and the museum- exhibit with local products (most popular products are the olive oil “Siteia”, the “Cretan local wine” of Siteia, and the TsikoudiaVarvaki). Also going for a walk on the coastal pavement of the town and the port, you may end up at the castle, or Kazarma (Casa di arma), which brings back to life the war past.

Siteia is a tourist resort, while the beaches of the town and in the surrounding areas, they enchant and calm every visitor. Main tourist destinations are the beach in town, the beach of Vai( this beach has palm trees, 24 km from the town of Siteia), the beach of Xirokampos ( 45 km from Siteia).

The access to the town is made from two main roads. The south one leads to Ierapetra crossing the county of Siteia from the Libean to the Cretan Sea and the north road connects Siteia with the capital of the county, Agios Nikolaos. With the rest of Greece, Siteia connects by air and ferry. The port of Siteia mainly serves small fishing boats and sailboats, but is-potentially- in the position to serve larger passenger ships. Siteia is connected with Piraeus by ferry with the passenger ship “Preveli” of ANEK LINES, while Siteia is connected with islands of the Cyclades and the Dodekanisa. The airport of Siteia can accommodate small and medium sized airplanes.Frequent flights take place from and to Alexandroupoli, Athens, Rhodes, Karpathos, Kasos, Aktio and Heraklion. Also, the airport is in the position to accommodate charter flights and private airplanes.

In terms of education, in the town of Siteia there are 6 kindergartens and 4 primary schools. Also, there are 2 Junior High Schools, a daily General and a daily Professional High School, a Night Junior High School and a Night General High School. Post-secondary training is provided by the IEK of Siteia, while in terms of higher education in town, the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the University of Crete operates.