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Rethymno - Crete, Greece

25 August, 2020

Rethymno - Crete, Greece

Rethymno is a coastal town (27 km) on the northern coastline of Crete, which is the capital of the county of Rethymno and is 60 km west of Heraklion and 45 km east of Chania.

The beauty of this region unfolds from the alleys of the old town and ends at its big beaches in and out of the town. Its economy is based on tourism as its paved roads, the public attractions and parks, the large hotels, the lighthouse of the port, the huge palm trees on the coast, the churches, the market and the tavernsin the old town are some of the elements which make it one of the most tourist towns in Crete during the summer. Of course the establishment of the School of Philosophy and the School of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Crete with over 10.500 and more students, also make the town very lively  during the rest of the year.

In the context of cultural events, among others, Rethymnohas a leading role at the annual Carnival, as it is one of the biggest in Greece, approaching people from all over Greece and also from abroad.

As in every city of Crete, Rethymno also is framed by small traditional villages, which are famous for the Cretan hospitality, the traditional food and the local products, while the natural topology of the area gives a special aesthetic.